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Why do I need a patio cover that opens and closes?

The opening and closing of the shutters enables you to choose and control the shade desired. The patio cover protects your patio and outdoor furniture from rain. On a sunny winter day, your house can benefit from direct and natural sunlight (enabling energy saving and efficiency when heating and lighting your home). During the summer you can control the amount of light desired (from 98% direct sunlight to 100% shade), enabling energy saving when air conditioning your home. The patio cover enables circulation of air throughout the year, while during the hot summer you enjoy air circulation and 100% shade at the same time.

What kind of maintenance is necessary in order to care for the patio cover?
All the profiles of the patio cover are made of aluminum and therefore may be cleaned with soap and water.

What colors are available?
The standard colors are white, tan and bronze, however it is possible to paint the patio cover especially for you according to your requirements in any color. It is also possible to combine colors, such as white posts with light blue shutters.

Are there standard sizes for patio covers?
No. Arcadia's louvered roofs are custom made according to the requirements of each project allowing you to fulfill your dream as desired.

How is the patio cover cleaned?
It can be rinsed with a water hose since it is made of aluminum and therefore will not rust. Opening the shutters and rinsing with a water hose will clean the upper part.

Can Arcadia's louvered roof be constructed on an existing structure?

Yes, it is possible to adapt the patio cover to any existing structure, whether built of wood, metal, concrete, etc.

Is there noise during rainfall?
The shutters are designed in such a way that the raindrops slide rather than forcefully hit the patio cover. According to our tests, there is less noise from rainfall on our aluminum shutters than on plastic.

How are your patio covers Eco-Friendly?
Arcadia louvered roofs are made out of recycled aluminum. Arcadia's louvered roofs also allow you to reduce your dependency on electricity by helping to heat or cool your home or office. Want to cool your home simply close the patio cover, open the roof back up to add heat and sunlight. Watch your lighting, cooling and heating bills drop!




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